5m2 Jenflow Countertop Resin Kit

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5m2 JENFLOW Countertop Kit

This kit is perfect if you wish to transform your current countertops and create a truly bespoke designer worktop. These kits can be used to create countertops within kitchens, bars and any other areas where you may desire a bespoke hygienic surface. In addition our sealer products can contain Biomaster technology to reduce the spread of upto 99.99% of bacteria making it ideal for dental surgeries, doctors surgeries, bars, kitchens and any areas where a good level of hygiene is imperative.

5m2 Countertop kit includes:

1.5kg of Jen-Prime (with 100g liquid pigment)
3kg of Jen-Design (with advanced UV resistant properties)
2.25kg of Jen-Seal UVR
15 x metallic pigments @ 5g each (Pearl White, Diamante White, Wine Red, Ocean Blue, Apple Green, Forest Green, Aztec Gold, Grape, Black, Brass, Copper, Yellow, Coffee, Gunmetal & Titanium. ( If you require one specific colour please contact the Jenflow team)
Mini squeegee
1kg of Eco cleaner
Jenflow 4" microfiber rollers (pack of 10)

Visit our website gallery to see some of the amazing finishes that can be achieved with our Countertop kits

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Weight (Kg) 9
Coverage m2
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