3 day Advanced Metallic Resin Training (Birmingham, ENGLAND )

3 day Advanced Metallic Resin Training (Birmingham, ENGLAND )

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The Advanced 3 day metallic (Birmingham)

This course covers everything in the 2 day metallics course but also kitchen worktops and 3D flooring

Day1 :

  • Full PowerPoint presentation
  • Discuss product tools required, working times and costings
  • Sanding and prep of boards, bay and worktops
  • Joint filling
  • Mixing primer
  • Application of primer coat

Day 2:

  • Quick recap of mixing ratio's and process
  • Pick your very own colours and prep boards bay and worktops
  • Application of middle coat to all surfaces
  • Special effects including sprays, fire and aerosols
  • Showcase glitter and flake effects
  • Showcase Acrylic effects and solid colours

Day 3:

  • Quick recap of sealing process
  • Final prep to surfaces
  • Application of sealer coat
  • Showcase Glow in Dark pigments
  • Showcase 3D flooring process
  • Take boards home once dry

PLEASE NOTE: This course is available in Birmingham ONLY and requires a non-refundable £120 deposit