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Training at Jenflow Systems

Here at Jenflow we offer comprehensive training in the installation of decorative metallic epoxy resin surfaces with courses encompassing floors, walls & worktops. Our training courses involve both in-depth theory & practical workshops on health & safety, surface preparation, correct installation procedures, troubleshooting & prevention & more.

Through attending our courses, you will attain a wealth of industry knowledge from experienced industry leading trainers & gain hands on experience learning various techniques & finishes. Nowhere in the UK is there a course as intense and hands on when it comes to decorative resin surfaces. In addition, post training you will be entitled to a 25% discount on our resin products and be issued a Jenflow Decorative Resin Training manual.

Training with Jenflow is available at either of our two dedicated training establishments located in Birmingham & Glasgow with two courses currently available:

Decorative Resin Flooring Training (Birmingham & Glasgow) Note: Also covers worktops

Decorative Resin Walls Training (Birmingham)

For Decorative Resin Training. Think JENFLOW

Courses Available

Jenflow Decorative Resin Flooring Training

Jenflow Systems Decorative Resin Floor Training courses consist of 3 days of learning through both theory & practical workshops. You will receive training by knowledgeable trainers with leading industry experience, covering everything from subfloor preparation through to the finish coatings. Our courses are highly in-depth and are suitable for both novices and those with industry experience. A brief description of each day’s itinerary is below:

This course is available in both Birmingham, England and Glasgow, Scotland

Day 1 :

  • Full PowerPoint presentation covering subfloor prep, tools required, substrate types, importance of cleaning, installation processes, priming and more
  • Discuss the product, working times, technical information & costings
  • Practical preparation of a concrete substrate
  • Grouting
  • Practical worksheets on mixing calculations of Jen-Prime
  • Sanding preparation of boards & worktops
  • Joint filling
  • Mixing primer
  • Application of primer
  • Demonstration of Jen-Design
  • And more

Day 2 :

  • Re-cap of previous day
  • PowerPoint presentation cover design coating application, preparation & mixing
  • Practical worksheets on mixing calculations of Jen-Design
  • Pick your very own colours and design coat your own sample board
  • Application of Jen-Design to all surfaces
  • Special effects including spray paints, fire & aerosols
  • Showcase glitter & flake systems
  • Showcase acrylic effects/solid colours
  • And more

Day 3 :

  • Re-cap of previous day
  • PowerPoint presentation covering Jen-seal application, preparation, mixing & in-depth discussion on trouble shooting and prevention.
  • Final prep to surfaces
  • Discussion on various types of sealants
  • Application of seal coatings
  • Showcase glow in the dark pigments
  • Showcase 3D flooring & logos
  • Take your own sample boards home once dry
  • Obtain certificate & Jenflow Decorative Resin Manual
  • And more
1 Day wall Resin Training

Jenflow Systems Wall resin is our latest edition to our systems.Not only can you coat walls start to finish in 1 day you can also tie them into your floors to create a truley seamless finish. This is ideal for areas such as wet rooms due to its non permeable and water tight properities.

Our wall resins are designed specifically by us and they do not require any additive powders or thickening agent unlike other inferior products. This maintains the clarity of the resin and improves the quality of the overall finish. Our wall resin is made ready to mix with metallic pigments or can be used completley clear.

Benefit of not having to add a powder is you keep the clarity of the resin.

Our training day consists of learning :

  • Correct mixing ratios
  • Prep & priming the surface
  • Designer coatings with a variety of finishes
  • Sealing

Lunch will be provided.


“Over the past couple of years I have used spray paints and pigments in my art and enjoyed using different techniques to apply them, so using resin was I thought just another step, I suppose most of the people on the course did not see themselves as artistic but weather you are or not has no bearing on the out come. The two brothers compliment each other and even though I am deaf, I found the course easy to follow and both brothers took time out to help all of us, giving plenty of time for us all to ask our own individual questions, I would highly recommend this course to anyone, male or female. The course runs smoothly from one subject to another and getting hands on experience will get you completely hooked, thank you Mike and Tom for a very enjoyable three days ...”

Gillian Dixon