Stunning results made easy.
Jen-Art artistic resins allow you create truly bespoke results.

Artistic Resins at Realistic Prices

Jen-Art in association with Jenflow Systems Ltd is a supplier of designer artistic resins, metallic pigments, glitters and flakes. With the largest supply range in Europe of metallic pigments, flakes & glitters you can create a variety of finishes from the most simplistic to the extraordinary. Here at Jen-Art we have a wealth of resin industry knowledge and therefore are able to supply you with the highest quality products to assist you in creating beautiful bespoke art work, furniture, photos and other creative projects.
About Jen-art
Here at our Jen – Art range we aim to further creativity by offering an extensive range of Art Resin products. Whether its sealing photos and painting or enhancing a design with glitters and metallic pigments we have a product for you.
With a range of over 100 Metallic Pigments and 90+ glitters there is no limit to how bespoke your art can be, from glow in the dark paintings to casting a trinket in our casting resin, if you can think of it jenflow will help you achieve it.