330m2 Floor Installation

330m2 Floor Installation


At Jenflow systems we can supply our metallic epoxy resin products to what ever quantity you require from our small 5m2 resin starter packs to above and beyond 300m2. At Jenflow we pride ourselves in the ability to supply any quantity whilst maintaining a fast turn around on delivery. 

Our Decorative resin products have recently been installed on a 280m2, 330m2 floor & other various sized floors. Please refer to our gallery for photos of some of the latest projects completed with our resins http://www.jenflow.co.uk/gallery.php

If you would like to enquire about a possible floor installation then please feel free to contact the Jenflow team:

mike@jenflow.co.uk / 07377335978 


“Great service, and wonderful product. Thank you.”

Steve Springford