Release of the Starter Kit Deluxe!

Santa has come early for us at Jenflow this year with the release of the Starter Kit Deluxe. 

With all of the goodies already included in the standard starter kit comes additional products including:

- Spike shoes

- x2 18" Microfibre Rollers

- 18" Foam Roller

- Transparent Pigment Set

- Roller Handle

- A range of Glitters

- Two extra 100g Liquid Pigments

- Extra Metallic Pigment pack

And the best news is that this deluxe kit is available for order right now!


“Tom and Mike trained me and have standards of work and doing the job right. You pay for what you get a excellent service and products. This shows with the line of products they produce. Always been there for advice and knowledge. Great team at jenflow! Great products. The best in the business I know of.”

Daniel Turner