Jenflow Art Resin

"The principles of true art is not to portray, but evoke"

Jenflow's Art Resin has seen a spike in popularity recently and when you realise how artistic resin can spice up your art it is easy to see why!

With a few simple steps of installing the resin onto your art, you can also add coloured metallic pigments, glitters  or transparent pigments to add a tint of creativity.

Browse our Art Resin here and try a new way of creating a masterpiece!


“I had the misfortune of using another resin training provider based in Manchester before I knew about Jenflow. This provider promised the world and let me down when I needed assistance. So I gave Mike at Jenflow a call with a problem I had no idea to fix with a resin floor installation. Mike steered me in the right direction and helped me find a fix even though I'd trained with a competitor. That says a lot to me about a person, and not only will I be buying all products from Jenflow I will also be signing up to their flooring course so I can learn from a company with good ideals and great knowledge.”

Michael Searles