Jen-Art Decorative Art Stone!

We are now selling Decorative Art Stone!

Using Jen-Art's Decorative Art Stone will instantly transform any art piece!

This natural product will not leak dye into resin and comes to life with an amazing sparkle and shine.

You can add glitter and metallic pigments into your resin and pour over. Use as a focal point or simply in sections for geodes.

There is so much to explore with this product with a huge variety of colours to choose from!

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“Over the past couple of years I have used spray paints and pigments in my art and enjoyed using different techniques to apply them, so using resin was I thought just another step, I suppose most of the people on the course did not see themselves as artistic but weather you are or not has no bearing on the out come. The two brothers compliment each other and even though I am deaf, I found the course easy to follow and both brothers took time out to help all of us, giving plenty of time for us all to ask our own individual questions, I would highly recommend this course to anyone, male or female. The course runs smoothly from one subject to another and getting hands on experience will get you completely hooked, thank you Mike and Tom for a very enjoyable three days ...”

Gillian Dixon