Stonewrap for the Jenflow Showroom!

At Jenflow, we have been building a showroom to showcase our awesome range of products and materials.

Check out our sample Stonewrap installation wall, using luxury flexible 100% natural stone veneers, which look absolutely stunning in a real life residential or commercial installation.

How easy is slate veneer to install?

Our slate veneer can be installed by any kind of contractor, joiner, decorator or a keen DIY enthusiast. It does not require any specialist masonry adhesive, tolls or knowledge to work with slate veneer

What can i use to cut the Slate Veneer?

A normal tile saw or wet blade on an angle grinder will be sufficient for making cuts in sheets.

Can slate veneer be used in a wet room or shower enclosure?

It can be used in wet rooms and shower enclosure, but it is important to tank the room before fixing the Slate veneer sheets to ensure the area is water proofed and use the recommended epoxy resin-based adhesive.

Is the top surface completely natural or does the pattern repeat?

The top surface is completely natural just like traditional stone and slate tiles.

Is slate veneer ok to use as flooring and wall covering?

Our Slate veneer sheets can be used for any internal wall application. For internal flooring it has a PE2 rating which means they are suitable for bathroom floors and general low to medium usage residential and commercial areas. They are not suitable for heavy usage floor areas.


“Well what can I say, after getting seriously messed about and let down with a different resin company jenflow stepped in and helped me out big time ! They offered me more training which is far more superior than the other training course I did somewhere else and there always on hand to answer questions literally 24/7. And to top it off there supply of materials is always bang on time, I cant praise this company enough ! Thanks for all you help.”

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