Jenflow Training Course Complete!

During the course of the previous week, nine trainees took part in our City and Guilds approved training course in the Birmingham branch.

Six of which, took part in the full week course consisting of Concrete Polishing and Preparation (2 days), Decorative Floors and Worktops (2 days) and Resin Bound (1 day). All courses feature an open book assessment.

Our training courses are very engaging and give our trainees the ability to obtain valuable hands-on experience to prepare them for a real job situation.

Concrete Polishing and Preparation

During the Concrete Polishing and Preparation course, the group would partake in a variety of activities to achieve a stunning polished floor or a smooth level surface ready to apply the Epoxy Resin design.

The following modules for this two day course are as follows:

-          Health and Safety

-          Assessing the Surface

-          Flooring Machinery and Tooling

-          Preparing Concrete and Levelling Compounds

-          Compounds and Over Boarding Timber

-          Screeds and Laitance Removal

-          Polishable overlays and Jen-Prep Prime Shine Concrete Polishing System

When grinding the floor the group had to use the 30/40 and/or 60/80 grinding metals, they would then sand the surface down using the 60 grit and 120 grit sanding pads. The group would then proceed to apply polishing pads (these range from 500 grit to 8000 grit) and continuously polish the floor to give the surface a reflective shine.

All preparation and polishing work on this course was completed successfully using our Jen-Prep Raptor 2.0.

Decorative Floors and Worktops

The course that follows the Concrete Polishing and Preparation course is the Decorative Flooring Course. This is a much more hands-on and creative course which allows the group to express their imagination and creativity.

The modules for the Decorative Flooring Course are:

-          Health and Safety

-          Jenflow Product Information

-          Installation Process

-          Subfloor Preparation

-          Surface Cleaning

-          Mixing

-          Jen-Prime

-          Jen-Design

-          Jen-Seal

-          Troubleshooting and Prevention

Our group put on their creative caps for this module as they designed their own Epoxy Resin sample boards using pigments and glitters of their choice to create stunning designs. On the penultimate day the 1-week course, the group had the opportunity to design their own floor with multiple coloured pigments creating a vibrant design.

Resin Bound

The final day of the week is the Resin Bound Programme. This is a course that focuses on flooring systems for driveways, pavements and internal stone carpets.

The modules for the Resin Bound Programme are as follows:

-          Health and Safety

-          Product Information

-          Subfloor Preparation

-          Installation Process

-          Sledge Install

-          Jen-Grid (Cellular Grids) / Bases for Resin Bound

-          Rubber Crumb and Soft Play

-          Seal Coatings

-          And much more

For the practical work, the Resin Bound Aggregate was mixed in with the Resin Bound Resin and was poured down onto the each one of 4 sample plots for the group to apply and level out using a trowel.

Afterwards, they did the same with the rubber crumb and soft play which is suited for children's playgrounds.


Our next training course begins 12th-16th July, Please contact the Jenflow team for more details.

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“Great experience on the training course. Very thorough and explained and showcased everything needed with lots of hands on experience for the trainee The products are the best around and are getting better all the time and I wouldn’t purchase from anywhere else. Delivery is first class and the aftercare I have received with any advice , help from the jenflow team has been exceptional Highly recommended and look forward to attending more courses in the near future.”

Jamie Cox