Glasgow 1-Week Training Course Complete!


During the course of the last week, we have had our 1-week training course taking place in our Glasgow branch.

The training course consists of 3 modules. The first two days are Concrete Polishing and Floor Preparation which focus on polishing concrete floors to give them a pristine shine and sanding floors in preparation to applying our epoxy resin coating. The next module is Decorative Resin Flooring, another two-day module, which focuses on the application of epoxy resin to the desired surface. The trainees get given custom sample boards to design and choose their own preferred pigments and spray colours to create their own sample of epoxy resin flooring. The final day of the week-long course is the Resin Bound module. During this module, the group would take part in the application of different flooring types, an example would be Rubber Crumb and Soft Play. It is achieved by mixing in with our Resin Bound Aggregate and Resin and then levelled out on the surface using a trowel.

Our next Glasgow training course begins on the week commencing the 23rd August. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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“Well what can I say, after getting seriously messed about and let down with a different resin company jenflow stepped in and helped me out big time ! They offered me more training which is far more superior than the other training course I did somewhere else and there always on hand to answer questions literally 24/7. And to top it off there supply of materials is always bang on time, I cant praise this company enough ! Thanks for all you help.”

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