Stone Wrap Training Course! Book Now!

Calling all DIY enthusiasts! If you’re looking to learn a new craft, our Stone Wrap training course may be the perfect opportunity for you.

On the 24th August, our Stone Wrap training course will be taking at our Birmingham branch here at Jenflow.

The Modules that will be covered are: Health and Safety, Product Information and Installation Process.

Our Stone Wrap is very simple to install, we encourage everyone to come and give it a try and add another skill to your repertoire!

Our courses will require no up-front deposit and will cost you £50 for the one-day training course.

To view our training course availability, please click here: Jenflow Shop - Training


“Attended the decorative resin training course in Glasgow. Amazing course and knowledgeable staff. Products are 5* . Looking forward to future products using Jenflow both for interior and exterior resin bound projects.”

Peter Mullen