Metallic Flooring Company

Metallic Flooring Company

Gav Garbutt at the Metallic Flooring company has installed many Jenflow floors. His designs are spectacular and has high levels of creativity shown here with one of his latest projects.

His latest project was finished with Jen-Seal UV helping him to create a beautiful high gloss glass like finish which is unlike any other flooring product.

Here at Jenflow we are incredibly excited to see future work by Gav and where his creativity may take him.


“Great experience on the training course. Very thorough and explained and showcased everything needed with lots of hands on experience for the trainee The products are the best around and are getting better all the time and I wouldn’t purchase from anywhere else. Delivery is first class and the aftercare I have received with any advice , help from the jenflow team has been exceptional Highly recommended and look forward to attending more courses in the near future.”

Jamie Cox