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Epoxy Resin Sealers/Topcoats

Different finishes achievable on a resin floor. Including Matt, Satin and Gloss.

We always get asked the question 'What sealer shall I have on top of my resin floor?'.

The above picture shows a sample board we have recently created in an epoxy resin marble design for our client showing the different finishes you get with our Waterbased Matt, PU Satin and Gloss Sealer. Creating this sample board for our client allows them to compare the aesthetics as well as the practical use of each to meet their requirements.

So, let's talk about each epoxy resin topcoats/sealer and the benefits of them...

A matt finish from an artistic point of view is by far the superior in terms of aesthetics. The sleek finish it provides showcases the true artistry of the design, by having minimal light reflections distracting you from the look. You are able to absorb the full embodiment of the design itself. In relation to durability, our Waterbased Matt Sealer provides a durable surface achieving a Mohs 4, which can be increased with the use of AI203 (Aluminum Oxide).

In terms of practicality and durability, there is only one real contender and that is PU Satin. It provides a semi-sheen finish with superior abrasion resistance that will keep your floor looking as if new through the test of time. The sheen it offers gives you an insight into both a matt and gloss finish, offering a happy middle ground. PU Satin achieves a Mohs 7 on the Mohs Scale, however, this can be improved even further by adding AI203 (Aluminum Oxide).


We have a variety of gloss sealers available - Xtra Flow Bio / Ultra Bio / Polyspartic / PU Gloss.

Gloss sealers are one of the most popular finishes. Although they are not as durable as our other finishes, do not let that distract you from the fact that they are still hard-wearing and offers that superior opulent sheen that clients crave. A gloss finish is the Ferrari of the flooring world. As for durability, our gloss sealers achieve the following Mohs:

  • Xtra Flow Bio - 4.5

  • Ultra Bio - 7

  • Polyspartic - 5

  • PU Gloss - 5

So what is a Mohs and what does that actually mean?

Well...I can tell you now it isn't your favourite pub off The Simpsons.

Moe's Tavern

A Mohs Hardness Scale is a set of ten reference minerals (numbered 1-10 as shown in the below chart) that are used to determine the relative hardness of minerals and other objects. We use this scale to determine and test the strength and hardness of our resins. Whichever pick (mineral) leaves a mark that is the Mohs score.

Mohs Hardness Scale for Resin Floors.

If you have any questions in regards to this post or interested in a free quotation, please feel free to contact us at the below:

📞01922 401893


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