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Do you aspire to have a bespoke, white epoxy resin floor installed in your home but

worried about the floor discolouring over time? Wanting a solid white finish or a renowned white marble effect...then look no further than our brand-new Jen-Design Ultra Low Discolouring Epoxy exclusive to Jenflow Systems Ltd! 12 months of tireless Research and Development has seen Jenflow release a low discolouring epoxy with the following characteristics:

🌟 Slow Curing Times – unrivalled working time

🌟 UV Stability like no other 🌟 Low VOC 🌟 Solvent Free 🌟 Milano Effects

We offer Jen-Design Ultra as both Clear or Pre-Pigmented, available in:

  • 5m² (£190.00 +VAT)

  • 10m² (£299.99 +VAT)

In addition to the introduction of our low discolouring epoxy, we are also delighted to announce the introduction of our Jen-Design Ultra Drizzle Kit (£49.99 +VAT). Our Drizzle Kit is a clear resin that is designed to be mixed with metallic pigments for veining to help create a stylish Milano Marble effect.

Trade discounts available! – contact the Jenflow team today to receive your 25% trade discount🤑

If you want white, trust in us!

Contact us: 01922 401 893 /

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