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Our New Jenflow Website! 🧡


Here at Jenflow, we have been undergoing the process of a complete website overhaul to help change for the better!

Upon the launch of our website revamp, we have made it much easier to navigate allowing a much simpler checkout for our customers! Including improved aesthetics, simpler navigation and a much smoother checkout process, we strive to make your browsing our number one priority.

Whilst browsing our shop we have included a new search feature to allow you to find all the

products that you are looking for with ease

🤩 We have also announced the launch of some exciting new products such as our Jen-Design Ultra Low Discolouring Epoxy which is perfect for those looking to acheive a bespoke white finish without the worry of discolouration over time. Available with our Jen-Design Ultra Drizzle Kit; a clear resin which can be mixed with metallic pigment to enhance your design!

Along with this, we have some significant price drops across our store! Come and take a look! 💸

Our major changes to note:

✅ New Products

✅ Resin is now only available to purchase in 5m² or 10m²

✅ Resin kits are now longer available. Everything will be sold separately

✅ Substantial price reductions

Sign up today to receive 25% off - Contact the Jenflow team today for your trade discount!

Contact the Jenflow team today on 01922 401 893 /

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