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Why Should You Have a Resin Floor?

Are you interested in having an epoxy resin floor within your home or work premises but would like further information before pulling the trigger? Well before choosing a resin floor, you should understand their characteristics and why they are popular to other alternative floors.

Resin floors are not only perfect for homes but they are also perfect for working environments that experience high volumes of both vehicle and foot traffic.


One of the most superior advantages that epoxy resin floors have over other various flooring types would be their long-term durability. So not only are they incredibly strong and able to resist damage which can come in the form of cracks, scratches and many others; but also, upon application of a durable sealant, they are also resistant to moisture, heat and chemicals. This allows you the peace of mind that whatever you spill on your floor, there will be no sign of damage.


When you have a floor installed in your home, you want longevity. There is no point in having a brand new floor installed if it is going to need maintenance or replacing shortly after. Therefore, epoxy resin floors are much more viable as they can last for years even with constant use, making them a good investment. With Jen-Design Ultra Low Discolouring Epoxy; exclusive to Jenflow Systems, achieve longer lasting white floors without the risk of yellowing over time.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of having an epoxy resin floor would be how easy they are to look after and keep clean. Not only are they very easy to clean but they are waterproof and are durable against high traffic. An epoxy resin floor will only require minor maintenance many years after installation but this is dependant on how well you keep the floor.


One of the key reasons that people will have a resin floor installed in their home would be due to the large range of designs and finishes that can be created. Whether you are wanting a plain colour, a bespoke marbled effect or a stylish multicoloured melt; the floor is your canvas when mixing metallic pigments with our epoxy resin with the endless possibilities to be created.


Not only are resin floors appealing and durable but they are also the most hygienic floors on the market. Due to their stain resistance once sealed, if you spill anything on the floor, it can be simply wiped away without any stains. Incorporate BioMaster into your sealant to reduce bacteria levels up to 99.99% including E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

In summary, since you may be looking for which flooring surface to go for, it is vital to know that performance is most important which sets epoxy resin apart from the rest.

So it may well be time to throw away the tiles and make the switch today!

Grout is out 😉

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