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Jenflow Eco Cleaner has been specially formulated to be used with our resin products and is environmentally friendly, solvent free, and can be used for heavy cleaning.


Eco cleaner is a vital tool for achieving a successful finish and reduces the risk of any contamination during the installation process and can also be used for general cleaning and maintenance purposes.



  • Remove excess dirt with a scraper/rag/paper towel.
  • Spray Eco Cleaner onto the surface - ideally using a pressure spray bottle with hose to achieve a good surface coverage
  • Leave for 2-3 minutes (20 minutes for heavy soiling)
  • Agitate with a brush/cloth/scraper if neccessary
  • Wipe clean with a Microfibre Cloth/Mop
  •  Dry wipe the surface and leave to dry for several minutes.

Repeat if necessary. 


IMPORTANT - Ensure ALL Eco Cleaner has been removed before applying Resin.

Eco Cleaner


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