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This Industrial Vac is equipped with 3 bypass and individually controlled Ametek motors. It is a single-phase industrial-grade wet and dry vacuum cleaner, with a 75L detachable dustbin for holding vacuumed debris or liquids. It has 3 large commercial motors to provide enough power for any environment or application where large quantities of dust can be collected.


This model is equipped with Patented auto pulsing technology, which is different from many manual clean vacuums in the market. There are 2 large filters inside the barrel that rotate self-cleaning. When one filter is cleaning, the other keeps vacuuming, which makes the vacuum keeps the high airflow all the time. The HEPA filtration helps contain harmful dust and create a safe and clean working site.


Industrial shop vacuums provide greater suction than general-purpose or commercial-cleaning shop vacuums to pick up heavier particles and liquids. They’re commonly used at manufacturing facilities and building or construction sites. It comes along with a 5M D50 hose, S wand, and floor tools.

Jen-Prep Industrial Vacuum


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