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Jen-Seal PU Satin is a two component polyurethane sealer used for epoxy resin, cement and microcement floors. 


We advise adding up to 2% Xylene in the mix, to reduce the risk of roller lines, and make the product more workable.


Key Properties:

  • High surface hardness
  • Most hard wearing sealer
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Applied @2 coats
  • 1 hour working time (when condensed within the bucket)
  • 8-12 hours drying time (depending on temperature & humidity)


PU Satin is applied @120g per m2 with a 2:1 ratio (A: 80g Part B: 40g)
First Coat - A: 40g B: 20g per m2
Second Coat - A: 40g B: 20g per m2

    PU Satin Sealer


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