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Sahara Oasi is the absolute novelty in terms of decoration as it comes from the idea of combining multiple colors, applied simultaneously.

Unique for its iridescent and the special colour effects of the 3D, recalls the aspect of a fresh summer oasis, so that the final result will be sensational.


Sahara Oasi is completely washable, does not absorb odors and rejects dust.

The ease of application makes Sahara Oasi the right product for large surfaces where elegance and decoration are required.


Key Properties:

  • Washable
  • 12 hour dry time


Coverage Information

750g = 5-6m2 @1 coat


  • Ensure the surface is completely dry. If plastered, make sure it had a curing time of at least 28 days, depending on temperature.
  • Ensure the media has been well prepared and is suitable for coating: plaster must be dry, not have any granules; on old walls, make sure there is no poor quality or powdery paint, remove flaking paint etc.
  • Apply 1 coat of Scik Pural Acril primer if necessary. Allow to dry.
  • Apply with a brush or roller 1 or 2 coats of Decor Fondo Shiny Primer diluted with 5-10% water. Allow to dry.
  • Choose at least 2 Cangiante Oasi colours and pour the first colour into Sahara Oasi, and then pour the second colour into another Sahara Oasi.
  • Proceed applying Sahara Oasi using the Splater Duo Brush; which is made up of 2 Splater 70 brushes that allow the simultaneous application of two different colours. Please ensure to never invert the 2 brushes with their cans.
  • Apply the decoration on the surface in an alternating and uniform way, performing cross movements and mixing the 2 opalescent colours with different intensity on the whole surface.
  • Whilst the product is drying (wait at least 10-15 minutes), level the surface and smooth out the superimposed product, thus recreating the typical water effect of an oasis.
  • Allow to dry completley to appreciate the Oasi 3D effect.

Sahara Oasi Neutro


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