Floor Preparation

High quality floor preparation is key to any decorative resin finish therefore at Jenflow we deliver the best quality self-levelling compounds, grouting agents, sanding equipment, dust extractors & industrial vacuums. With options of both hire & purchasing on our equipment range it is now easier to ensure good quality surface preparation.

Decorative Resin Floors

Jenflow Decorative Resin Flooring systems are specially engineered high quality self-levelling floor coatings designed to deliver bespoke flooring surfaces. Offering both solid and two tone metallic finishes through a large range of metallic & liquid pigments the possibilities are truly endless. Our flooring systems are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects.

Decorative Walls

Jenflow Decorative Resin Wall systems have been designed to be trowel applied with ease. They offer a completely non-permeable surface and when incorporated with our flooring systems are ideal for wet rooms. Gloss, Satin & Matt finishes are available with endless design choices. Our wall systems can also be applied to floors to create a more textured look to flooring surfaces.

Decorative Countertops/Splashbacks

Our flooring systems are universal and can be used to create decorative resin countertops & splashbacks. The only limitation is your imagination with our decorative countertops/splashbacks due to the ability to create endless effects using metallic & translucent pigments along with spray paints & isopropanol effects.

Jen-Art Art Resin

Jen-Art supplies Europe’s largest range of metallic & translucent pigments, glitters & flakes along with 2:1 crystal clear UV resistant artistic resin, casting resin & UV stable sealers to protect your art work. Through our products you can create beautiful bespoke art work, furniture, river tables, photos & other creative projects.


Our Jen-Prep Range is for the foundation of any great Resin System, from machinery such as our Jen-prep Raptors and Industrial vacs to our self-smoothing compound and grout. Whether the substrate is timber, concrete or screed our range has the solution to ensure the surface has a high-quality condition prior to install.


Our Stonwrap products are made from 100% real stone veneer that is flexible and perfect for creating any luxury look.


“I had the misfortune of using another resin training provider based in Manchester before I knew about Jenflow. This provider promised the world and let me down when I needed assistance. So I gave Mike at Jenflow a call with a problem I had no idea to fix with a resin floor installation. Mike steered me in the right direction and helped me find a fix even though I'd trained with a competitor. That says a lot to me about a person, and not only will I be buying all products from Jenflow I will also be signing up to their flooring course so I can learn from a company with good ideals and great knowledge.”

Michael Searles