Jenflow Flexible Designer Epoxy Resin (Jen-FlexDesign) is a high quality two components, low viscosity, and solvent free self-levelling middle coat. It features a 2:1 ratio and has an enhanced flow rate to improve movement of our metallic pigments to create perfect metallic effects. It is ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic projects. Our Flexible Designer Middle Coat is engineered to be used on wooden surfaces and is flexible to allow movement between wooden flooring joints. 

It features a high gloss finish which reflects light beautifully thus visually enhancing the look, style, appearance and size of any room. Jen-FlexDesign can assist in the advertisement and branding of any business with the ability to add logos to any design using self-adhesive prints.

Jen-FlexDesign is strong, hard-wearing, flexible & easy to clean and creates a flawless finish unlike tiles with unsightly grout lines

Visit our you tube channel and watch our installation videos and see for yourself