River Cast Resin (3:1) 2kg

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Jenflow River Cast Resin is a 3:1 ratio transparent resin that is popular in the crafting and hobby area, suitable for both ventilated and work areas. With around 45-60 minutes worktime upon application this is the ideal touch to perfect river tables, trinkets and jewellery. 

With the self-levelling feature of the resin, you can create a glass-like finish without the requirement of advanced techniques.

With UV resistant properties and excellent air release, a protected crystal clear finish is ensured and the resin can be applied to a depth of between 10-15mm.

Why not combine the resin with our coloured pigments or transparent pigments to spice up your design and create a coloured glass look? 

So whether it is buttons, figurines, jewellery or artistic props Jenflow Casting Resin will be make your project prosper!

Shelf Life: 12 Months Unopened

Curing Time: 24-26hrs @ 25 degrees C

Our River Cast resin comes in 2kg Sizes (1.5kg Part A, 500g Part B)

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Weight (Kg) 2
Coverage m2
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