Lilac Epoxy Resin Metallic Pigment

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JenFlow’s Metallic Pigments are specially designed to give a...Read more


JenFlow’s Metallic Pigments are specially designed to give a pearlescent and iridescent three dimensional look to your Designer Epoxy Resin floor. With a large array of colours and methods creating different finishes to your floor be it moon crater effect to making your floor look like a flawless sheet of marble. 

Our Metallic Pigments are composed of mica Nano particles that react with the Designer Epoxy Resin EP100 to give your floor that extra gloss shine.

With over 10 colours to pick from and a near unlimited choice of coloured patterns, there’s plenty for you to choose to really inspire and be creative. No two floors are the same meaning you are guaranteed a bespoke finish to the envy of all your peers.

We suggest 1 – 3 colours per floor

Please feel free to contact us for technical advice.

Packaging – 100 grams

Coverage up to 10m2 when using with our Designer Epoxy Resin EP-100

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