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  • Can I have a resin floor with underfloor heating?
    This is a question we are asked all of the time...the simple answer is YES! Resin floors are perfect for underfloor heating systems. That being said, minimum screed depths are very important and it is also worth noting that these do differ from underfloor heating types. Please make sure you read the attachment below to ensure our guidelines are met.
  • How long will my resin floor last?
    Like with all flooring types, the longevity of the floor is determined by how well it is maintained A regular cleaning regime is imperative along with a seal coat that suits its use. For example, high foot traffic areas in a commercial setting will be better suited to a hard-wearing polyurethane sealer. Whereas, domestic floors will be fine with a more aesthetically pleasing Water Based Matt/Satin or a high gloss.
  • What are the benefits of having a resin floor?
    Resin Floors are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility in design and seamless finish. Maintenance is easy as after all 'GROUT IS OUT', so do away with the tiles and be the envy of all your friends with a one a kind bespoke Resin Floor for your home or business.
  • What is epoxy resin flooring?
    Epoxy Flooring is a synthetic resin flooring coating system that is laid on substrates such as concrete, screed, and timber to offer protection and decoration. The system consists of 2 layers of prime coat and design coat with an optional 3rd seal coat. The seal coat can be Matt, Satin or Gloss
  • How durable are resin floors?
  • How much does a resin floor cost?
    A typical Resin floor can range from anywhere between £70-150 per m² full supply and installation dependant on Design choice and size of the area. Please get in contact for your tailored quote today.
  • Are resin floors slippery?
    Resin floors are no more slippery than the average tile, however, slip resistance can be added to achieve any slip rating as per your specification.
  • How long do you have to wait before you can walk on the floor once installed?
    Typically our Resin Floors can take 'light foot traffic' after 48 hours of completion of the install. Please note that your floor will not reach full cure until 7-10 days post completion so I would urge you not to put heavy furniture in-situ until this time.
  • What types of floor can resin be installed onto?
    In short we have methods to install on pretty much any flooring type. Different substrates require varying amounts of prep so it worth noting some flooring types may cost more to install onto due to this.
  • How thick is an epoxy resin floor?
    Our Resin Systems go down at around 3mm (concrete substrate with no Self Smooting Compound requirement) dependant on substrate, so this can vary depending on floor prep required.
  • How do I maintain and clean my resin floor?
    Basic cleaning regime will extend the life of your floor, microfibre mops or steam mops generally do the job. Any cleaning products bought from your local supermarkets are more than adequate to keep your floors looking great.
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