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What is StoneWrap? 🤔

StoneWrap is a 100% real stone veneer that is flexible, light and easy for application. It is very easy to apply with the ability transform your home or workspace. Perfect for interior and exterior application💥

They are harder than natural stone tiles by the use of polyester resin which has incredible physical properties which offer superior performance to ensure the durability of the stone veneer. The sheet will come in an average thickness of 1.5-2mm thick, weighing only 1.5kg with a size of 122x61cm.

The three main styles that StoneWrap offer are:

✅ Slate

✅ Translucent

✅ Fabric

Slate stone sheets are a thin StoneWrap with a fiberglass backing. The durability and sturdiness are unmatched and can withstand almost any condition, making them perfect for both interior and exterior application.

Translucent StoneWrap sheets are installed by adhering the sheets to a transparent thermoplastic sheet consisting of either Perspex or acrylic. The translucent sheets main feature is the ability to be lit up using via LED light sheets or a similar light source from behind the stone veneer.

The fabric sheets slightly differ to both translucent and slate sheets as they are extremely thin (1mm thickness) and flexible with a cotton backing. This makes cutting and applying the sheets to various surfaces very simple.

The application process of installing StoneWrap is simple:

· Prime the substrate

· Cut StoneWrap sheet to size

· Apply Hi-tac adhesive within 15mm of edges

· Apply StoneWrap to wall

· Once dried, apply epoxy-based tile grout

StoneWrap can be sourced from the company that specialises in the best epoxy resin products in the business; Jenflow Systems Ltd.

Contact the Jenflow team today 👇

📞 01922 401 893


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